Enhancing Gaming Technology for the Job Market: IIH Global’s Partnership with Scoutible






The Problem

Scoutible's initial journey was hampered by the inconsistent quality of freelance work, leading to a system that fell short of their high standards. They required a dynamic team that could integrate seamlessly into their existing framework and accelerate the development cycle without sacrificing the quality of the product. The core challenges were:

  • Integrating new market trends into their existing platform to stay competitive.
  • Accelerating the development process to achieve market readiness swiftly.
  • Ensuring the end product reflected the quality and innovation synonymous with the Scoutible brand.

The brief

  • Scoutible approached IIH Global with a unique challenge: to elevate their existing gaming platform designed to uncover individuals’ unique talents and match them to their perfect career. While their innovative approach to recruitment through gaming technology had already made waves in the industry, Scoutible aimed to refine their system in line with the evolving market trends.

The solution

IIH Global worked seamlessly with Scoutible's vision, launching a comprehensive solution that included the following upgrades:

  • Powerful Data Analytics

    Unleashing sophisticated algorithms to transform gameplay into actionable career insights.

  • Revamped User Experience:

    Elevating the interface for an intuitive and captivating user journey, elevating satisfaction and retention.

  • Enhanced Scalability:

    Streamlining the codebase to effortlessly accommodate Scoutible's expanding user base.

  • Thorough Quality Assurance:

    Enforcing stringent testing protocols to ensure seamless performance across diverse devices and operating systems.


The result

The collaboration between IIH Global and Scoutible exemplifies how an expert team can transform an existing product into a market-ready solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations. IIH Global’s commitment to quality, speed, and technological excellence ensured that Scoutible's platform was not just updated but strategically positioned to lead the recruitment industry into a new era. This partnership underscores IIH Global’s capability to integrate into existing frameworks and bring a product to the forefront of its market, ready to make an impact.


IIH Global has successfully delivered high-quality work on time, meeting the client's expectations. They have communicated frequently and promptly, ensuring an effective workflow. Their easygoing nature, proactive approach, and excellent management style have been hallmarks of their work.

Their team is just great.

- Project Manager, Recruitment Company

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